WATERSAVER A/S is a subsidiary of SUNSYS A/S, a Danish company established in 2010.

SUNSYS A/S is working with environmental friendly solutions to both private and business customers and has among other things, sold solar power plants up to 400 kWh pr. unit on the Danish market.

WATERSAVER A/S is started in the purpose to sell the specially designed WATERSAVER module in Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

The WATERSAVER module has already been sold in large amounts on the Danish and British market, and this is why we now extend it to the Southern Europe.

We have made a quite deal of research and we see a need for others to save water.

We already have a large number of resellers in Spain and we therefore see ourselves as an important piece in the big puzzle in the endeavours of saving water globally and take care of our environment.


Ole Bryndorf

Manager – WaterSaver A/S


AND HOW MANY LITERS OF WATER CAN YOU SAVE?   –   I don’t know, but you do

1 liter of water    x    365 days a year    x    7 times flush a day    =

2.555 liters of water per person per year!!!